honeyBee Sell

best-in-class sales and operations platform which combines all the benefits of digital and human interaction

customers trust digital, needs-based recommendations

best-in-class multi-channel guided sales software


live performance management software to coach, communicate and motivate your teams


real time individual and team analytics and coaching to help make your worst sales colleague your best


colleague tool that ensures that every individual has reviewed and read key messages


gameification of sales and improvement goals to engage the salesforce

analyse and manage your data with real time customer journey analytics


real-time collection of 1000+ data points from the customer journey giving ‘google analytics’ style data for human interaction


live analytics to rapidly ascertain proposition and customer journey performance


set immediate tasks and incentives for employees to drive business performance

a revenue generating platform, to monetise the customer journey through more tailored marketing


suppliers and advertisers can purchase marketing moments where they can recommend their products and services. Drives improved customer experience but also drives conversion and increases efficiency, making the sales process more profitable


1000+ points of customer data tracked across the customer journeys, providing insight into customers’ in-store behaviour that sales data alone can’t offer. Opportunity to connect online analytics and honeyBee in-store data to create a full view of the customer journey for the first time in the market