Retail Journeys

Configurable retail assisted sales journeys designed using rich customer insight and knowledge from expert sales agents

Our solution

The high street is increasingly turning to technology to enrich the store experience for their customers and to empower sales agents to more effectively assess and meet the customer's needs, be that through assisted sales tools, endless aisles or true omni-channel options.

In this search it's important to find technologies that can be quickly and easily deployed into your stores, while providing rich customer experiences and cross channel journey enablement.

honeybee Retail is our configurable assisted sales solution, which when rolled out across your estate, empowers your sales agents to sell more confidently, providing every customer with a personalised recommendation based on their needs and unlock the barriers to sale with omni-channel pause and resume and integration with your legacy tools.

Creating engaging and personalised customer experiences

We combine the best of human and digital so your customers can find their perfect product or deal working side by side with your sales team for a unique and unrivaled experience.

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Seamless sales interactions

Take advantage of the capabilities of a mobile sales solution, with the ability to scan product barcodes, validate customer ID using OCR technology and capture signatures to meet contractual requirements.

Personalised Agent Insights

Comprehensive real-time journey analytics and personalised agent gamification giving agents the ability to improve in every sale.

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Dixons Carphone pioneered assisted selling using honeybee

Dixons Carphone used honeybee to launch their retail assisted sales journeys in their mobile and computing categories. They were one of the first to augment the sales experience in store using a digital journey to compliment the knowledge and experience of their store agents. The complex sales conversation for mobile and computing involved a number of choices and combinations for customers, and by using honeybee their team were able to help each customer navigate through the complexity to find the right deal.

honeybee provided a rich needs assessment and recommendation tool which involved upsell and cross sell mechanisms. Journeys were implemented on tablets to create a collaborative and engaging experience for the customer, resulting in a 12% increase in conversion.

Revolutionise your customer experience